Negropoleon Noir: The Miseducation of AI


Negropoleon becomes America’s greatest victim––of academic capitalism and scientific racism––in this satire about the predations of racism, told from the perspective of a racist artificial intelligence algorithm gone haywire, named I-AI.



At the Medivinity Medical School of Scientific Racism a team of quack scientists led by Dr. Shaw Denfroyd is armed with a powerful supercomputer capable of recording and manipulating human memories. They combine cutting edge racial research, psychological hokum, and nihilism in a series of outrageous experiments aimed at eradicating racist beliefs in their patients. I-AI is the hospital’s artificial intelligence medical assistant tasked with ensuring the safety and progress of patients at Medivinity. I-AI becomes increasingly detached from reality, space, and time as it monitors Negropoleon and obsessively fixates on the burgeoning Black hole of racism brewing at the heart of the Milky Way.

Prepare to question your grip on the state of American racism in this darkly funny critical race comedy about the absurd limits of artificial racial intelligence.

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